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San Antonio Dog Fence provides San Antonio and the entire surrounding area with professional, custom installations of the most advanced and effective underground electronic pet fence available today. We’re your local pet fencing experts, dedicated to making sure your pet is safe, happy and healthy!

How Does the System Work?

All electronic pet fence systems are unique, and we want to ensure we meet your needs with the correct layout for your space. With a new electronic pet containment system installed, you’ll have peace of mind that your pet is safe and secure.

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Service & Repair

Pet Stop® products can be programmed to work with every containment system in the field. This ingenious programming capability combined with a superior warranty and trade in program makes Pet Stop® the most adjustable and compatible containment system on the market.

Invisible Fence® Independent Service & Support
Are you a current owner of an Invisible Fence® or other brands’ system? Do you have a wire break or need some troubleshooting help or maintenance? Though San Antonio Dog Fence is not associated with other brands, we can provide current owners with independent service and repair for Invisible Fence® systems, as well as all other underground electronic pet containment systems such as DogWatch® and Dog Guard®.

Invisible Fence® Compatible Products

Invisible Fence® Powercap® Compatible Batteries
Pet Stop® brand Invisible Fence® compatible batteries! Not only do these batteries meet IF® OEM standards – they actually surpass them! In addition, these batteries last longer and cost less. They will work with the Invisible Fence® R-21® and R-51® receivers and you can read more about them here.

Invisible Fence® Compatible Receivers
This collar receiver will work on almost all Invisible Fence® systems, excluding the 800 series. In addition to being Invisible Fence® compatible, this collar also has several features not present on regular IF® manufactured receivers. To read more about our Invisible Fence® compatible receiver visit our product page here.